Have We Emerged From The Dark Ages of Big Data in Talent Management?

August 29

Hard to believe it will have been close to twenty-five years since the 1992 bookAccidental Empires by Mark Stephens. Called by many as “one of the last great success stories in American busines - Read Post

Transformation and New Business Models To Address A Full Candidate Lifecycle

June 27

Adoption of software solutions, HR-tech, Mar-tech applied to talent management holds such great promise through the Office of Human Capital Management that one would think it will work to empower age - Read Post

On Apprenticeships: Because Zip Codes Should Never Determine Destiny

December 16

What comes to mind when you think of The Apprentice? It is both the noun and a verb, and chances are your immediate, or emotional response was probably not to think about a learner or the squire who p - Read Post

Millennial Views On Government

August 16

On of my favorite Mark Twain quotes was always “I never let my schooling interfere with my education” and having been schooled inside the beltway on how business is conducted for close to - Read Post


July 15

We all stand to benefit from an examination of a nascent field of study that is coming to academic maturity known as the Science of Team Science (SciTS).  An evolving trend (SciTS) is being adopted - Read Post

Brand Ambassadors & CSR

July 7

  Brand Ambassadors: Be The Change You Seek and Lead with Conviction When was the last time you gave an Award to an individual within your organization that you felt was connected to your team, to y - Read Post

ADA: Turning Silver Into Gold

June 1

This next month marks the 25th anniversary of The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and with it, a truly landmark piece legislation that fundamentally redefines how people with disabilities live i - Read Post

Regional Innovation Clusters & Talent Management Trends

April 12

Just as HR technology is evolving at light speed for the recruiter so too are there even newer platforms for candidates to discover, engage and garner attention from employers of choice within the cur - Read Post

People & Culture: A Toolkit For The Federal Talent Management Community

March 7

  For my friends in talent acquisition that may feel that they are pushing a boulder up a mountain or are feeling like Prometheus Bound as it relates to finding qualified candidates for mission c - Read Post

Digital Diversity

January 15

HR professionals in public and private sector organizations are adopting more agile recruitment communications and outreach strategies; but are they designing programs that speak to value creation an - Read Post


January 7

Welcome to my new online resume and portfolio!  From time to time I’ll share thoughts in the form of blog posts. - Read Post

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