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January 15

HR professionals in public and private sector organizations are adopting more agile recruitment communications and outreach strategies; but are they designing programs that speak to value creation and stakeholder engagement? 

Over the past twenty years leaders have known and proven the business case to the c-suite on the need to articulate a research based employer brand and the importance of a well defined employer value proposition. In order to build a thematic approach to share stories around the unique differentiators that speak to why you might want to buy into, opt-in, or even follow and ultimately work and stay at Agency X vs. Pay Pal. 
Leading employers that  have a well defined Value Proposition show an increase in first year hire commitment, a wider audience to source from as well as the ability to provide for a lower premium in terms of salary.  To get to those savings, what is needed is a value proposition that is based upon focus groups, interviews, creative design elements that reinforce those key attributes that will resonate with your target audiences. Some questions to ask:

  • Does your promise and benefits statement point to a rational construct or frame of reference structure such as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs or the Merit Systems Principles ?
  • How should your candidate and employees understand the importance of what your mission is ?
  • How can you amplify that message out to the general public in a meaningful way, are all areas to consider as you refine the mission statement?
  • Can you candidates hear your story through the noise?

Hiring managers, and public affairs folks should know why one would not just slap a picture of an ethnically ambiguous person on a template document in Microsoft Office and add a government seal or corporate logo to it, sending it forward for approval with a copy or tag line like Join Us. We all have seen them, bad ads and no differentiation in regards to the employer brand, the call to action lays flat or worse yet is insulting, not culturally sensitive, or is as ambiguous as the clip art or rainbow coalition stock photo used to try and impart importance and pride. Well talent management and marketing are not to far apart in terms of the goal, but with some diversity efforts around branding a unique talent, skill set or profession much can be gained through the development of content that provides the market value and is the creative culmination of the “story” or promise made.  Socio-economic variables aside, can we create unique opportunities for the savvy HR and recruiting pros to bring passion and creativity to corporate social responsibility efforts, you bet we can.

If you are already at the go of it and looking to conduct diversity outreach, have done online chats, tweet ups, Google “hangouts”, or online diversity career fairs and virtual events with hundreds of other employers on the mainstream websites, try to go it alone. But do it around the context of the issues that matter most to your employees and your prospective candidates. Take this video from Unilever. Naturally you will want to try and engage with the national associations at the local or chapter level too with groups like SHPE, SWE, NSBE, MAES, HACU, WITI or HBCUs.  But when working with MSI’s be sure to review your school selection criteria and then go to these events. But before you travel, move massive booths and spend thousands for a few folks from a system integrator to hang out for half of the week and then call it Diversity outreach- be sure to address and capture the metrics that can help you move forward with good creative, and understand how social media can help you make it better,  amplify the message and with two words BE THERE in the present, actively engaged in building a talent community that can help CSR as well as Diversity Outreach efforts and inspire in others what you hope that they will speak about through earned media that feeds off the owned media related to the work and the mission.

Do you have a CAUSE, CONTENT, & SOCIAL MEDIA RECRUITMENT STRATEGY with an active an authentic voice in a design and tone that attracts the right folks to your jobs.

Make your postings and path to conversion a branded one; in that the job descriptions are easily shareable. Use infographics to highlight key benefits and charts that can quickly deliver the top traits you may be seeking. Are your motivators entwined in the imagery and can the branding be carried forward into your ATS, with clear and plain language. Doing these few things alone can make your careers website stickier and social channels more robust as these two critical elements can make prove to be as good as your hardest working recruiters. If you’re not responsive in web design, being mobile-friendly can garner as much as 30% more traffic.

To attract younger diverse talent across a broad spectrum with commonalities that can cut across the various audience segments taking the corporate social responsibility approach can be a great way to get civic minded new generations to opt-in now to your social, as you build your content and search engine marketing efforts-  at least then you can begin by telling your story in a dynamic, creative, and compelling way.  If nothing else building content can be a fun social way to mobilize the troops.  You just might be surprised to see an increase in the quantity and quality of candidate flow that can help you fill those mission critical occupations in the long haul. For more proof points or related topics follow me  @JohnBersentes

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